Jump ship!… on to a new ship.


I think I’m finally pronouncing this blog dead, officially that is.  In the meantime, I happened to create a new blog, hey, what a coincidence!  Please follow this link to the appropriate site.


Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse


Some genius made this awesome RPG based on my favorite series of all time, Hayate no Gotoku!

You guys should definitely check it out.  It’s about time someone made a game based on this manga, oh wait…

Also, since naming this game, I’ve acquired the ability to spell apocalypse correctly without the aid of spellcheck, yaya!

For those of you who enjoy writing style and antics, I’ll be happy to fill you in on my status with anime in general.  I have not touched anime in like a month in a half.  Slow internet mixed with my anime watching habits (watching in spurts) are the culprits.  The latter of the two is especially detrimental for me as an aniblogger because, well, up-to-date shows don’t allow for no spurt watching that’s for sure.  This is a real shame because for the short time (relatively speaking to the big dogs.  Seriously, there are aniblogs that live for less than a week before disintegrating into a pile of cyber goo.) that I’ve been aniblogging, I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  The community wasn’t half bad either.  Talking about anime (a real passion of mine) with other people proved to be a lot of fun, albeit taxing.

I’ve realized that the most important thing about aniblogging is forming a habit.  I don’t think about brushing my teeth or taking showers.  If I somehow had just discovered those two “activities” randomly today, I’d be hard pressed to continue.  Seriously, that shit, when combined, takes up relatively the same time as blogging one entry on a blog.  It is only because I formed habits of doing so (and because I don’t want to smell like a pile of gorrila poo/be ridiculed by society) that I continue.  The same with blogging.  It all depends on habit.  For if a habit is formed, it will seem virtually effortless, wheras on the other hand, it can be a real pain, despite it’s pleasures.

Here’s to me hopefully picking back up my anime momentum again and start writing, because I’m really looking forward to it ;)


ISML Regular Season Seeding, Round 1


I’m so glad the preliminary rounds are over.  There were just too many characters to write about, and too many characters I did not care for.  Now the contest is much more focused and we can concentrate on the meat of it all.

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Guest Writer – Anime and phallicity, important issues discussed.


Today we have Funnel, a guest writer for Deretsun to enlighten us about the phallucity of today’s anime.  Funnel is a writer who wouldn’t be considered to be an otaku based on the western interpretation of the word, though it is interesting to see some insight from the other side of the spectrum.

Funnel is the creator of various webcomics on vectorbelly.com. Read the rest of this entry »


International Saimoe League Preliminary Period — Day 5


The theme for today is abstinence! The amount of the rounds in which I abstained was quite ridiculous.  It can’t be helped though, since I simply have not seen many shows in which these girls appear in.  Plus, it is against my principles to simply vote for a more well known character even though I have no feelings of moe or attraction to that character, effectively making it into a popularity contest for the shows that the girls appeared in.  Though, that is essentially what this is, at least 75% of it.  The more that I can deter that fact, the better. Read the rest of this entry »


International Saimoe League Preliminary Period — Day 4


The theme for today is random.  I haven’t been the most active on this blog, by most active I mean I haven’t touched this thing in a while.  Suddenly I get the urge to post about something… Pretty random if I say so myself (-__-).  But then, what am I posting about? ISML? Read the rest of this entry »


On topic about Kiss x Sis 02 and Ecchi


Ahh, the ecchi genre...

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