Air Treks


Wouldn’t it be cool if Air Treks were real? If you don’t know what Air Treks are, they are motorized “roller blades” that exist in the manga Air Gear. Seriously, if no one decides to invent one of these things in the near future, I might just have to take the liberty of making it happen.

Back to the drawing board...

Back to the drawing board...

One of the reasons why I kept on watching (I watched the anime before reading the manga) Air Gear was because of the ATs themselves. The show itself wasn’t half bad. It had Simca in it… and a cool soundtrack. But I wouldn’t call the series a must watch like I would for Monster or NHK ni Youkoso. As I continued to watch the show, my interest in ATs increased, and I began to have thoughts about the possibilities of real ATs.

Technology’s growth has been insane this couple of decades. But sadly, I don’t think there is a motor powerful and small enough to sustain a human riding ATs.

Ahhh… I can always dream.



  1. you wait.

  2. Hell ya! I agree about the shows prime feature bein the ATs themselves an the soundtrack.. ( An NHK is awesome!!!!!) But yes.. dreams do come true…. an never doubt technology, cos it fokin owns an just gets better!! :D

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