Anime’s appeal


During the school year, I managed to infect convert a friend of mine into an anime fan.  I showed him Death Note and Code Geass and he enjoyed it immensely, finishing them both in a two week period.  Now, these two shows by no means define what all of anime is about (no one or two shows will ever be able to do that), and I cannot confirm if he will like the rest of what anime has to offer.  Although I was watching Clannad at the time, and even though he did not fully watch it with me, he stated that it was an interesting show.  This fact alone broaden the spectrum of potential anime he might enjoy.

Anyways, when someone(a nonbeliever)  asked him what was so appealing about Japanese animation, he said anime allows new story telling elements that would not be possible if it were live-action.  That was the sole reason he enjoyed anime.  Now, being the Japanophile and otaku that I am, I must say I whole-heartely disagree.

The statement itself is true, and because the difference between live-action and anime defines both mediums, in a way, is a reason why I love anime so much.  But that’s stating the obvious.  If I were to give my reasons, they would have to be…

I love the art style.  The modern anime character designs are always crisp and clean looking, not to mention anime female characters are hot stuff.  Anime is often associated with J-Pop, which is my favorite genre of music.  Anime is made in Japan, which means a lot of the culture, which I cannot get enough of, is incorporated into the shows.  Did I mention 2D is hot? What else, I guess then comes the storyline and characters, but those reasons can be found outside of anime and they don’t apply to all anime.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is my otaku behavior permits me to be interested in anime, but only people who excessively watch anime can become otakus.  Kinda circular in a way.  Whatever is the case…

I love anime.  And that’s all that matters.



  1. Has your friend become otaku yet? :)

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