moe-blob anime K-ON!



I attempted at an anime blog during my early days as a fan of anime.  I found it very difficult to give my readers what they really wanted.  At the time, I was against watching unfinished anime, as I hated the wait between episodes.  Not many people are into reading about some dinosaur anime that aired some years ago… at least they were interested… some years ago.  At this point in my obsession, however, I find myself naturally drawn to new releases, and even though my hate for waiting a week for a new ep still stands, I realize that it is not enough to stop me from checking out the new show everyone is talking about.

K-ON! is one of those shows that I’ve mentioned earlier.  Now with seven episodes out (the newest one of which I am still waiting on the subs to come out), K-ON! has a huge success in popularity from anime fans overseas.  The appeal? Pure liquified moe, or should I say moe-moe-kyunn! I for one usually steer clear of these type of shows, having watched shows like Lucky Star and asked myself “what the fuck did I just watch?!” after the first episode (The characters were discussing about whether to eat a pastry from one end or the other…

But the thing is, the once-a-week nature of this show has caused me to build an immunity to its plotless plot and moe-filled moeness.  It has, at times, caused me to actually enjoy its various cute anctics.

I will be eagerly awaiting for new eps of this show this season.


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