K-ON! works better as a 4koma manga


My expression as well, for much of the duration of episode 7.

Another week rolls around, another K-ON! episodes is aired.  And everytime, I forget how the show is over-saturated with pure cute.  The entire idea works a lot better when it’s in its original format.  There is something about the controlled environment of a 4koma that keeps K-ON!’s overflowing moe in check.  The short and guaranteed bursts of punchlines every four panels also allows me to be constantly entertained.  When it is adapted into a 20 min animation however, I find it rather out of control.  There are moments of sudden overdose of cute, and other times where nothing happens at all.

Any who, let’s hope next week’s ep picks up because I have a feeling Azusa is showing up, which is my favorite character next to Mugi.


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