Tanabe Ai, tsundere?


It has been only recently that I’ve taken noticed of the tsundere archetype and fallen completely in love with it.  The reason behind this obsession comes from my discovery of Kugimiya Rie.  She is the queen of tsundere, my top three favorite characters of all time in anime, Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Taiga from Toradora!, and Shana from Shakugan no Shana are all voiced by her, and surprisingly enough, are all tsundere goddesses.

Now these three characters can be seen as blatantly tsundere, but what about some other characters who’s tsundereness aren’t as explicit?

Tanabe Ai from Planetes


Does she qualify as a tsunderekko? And if so, does she succeed as one?

When Tanabe first meets Hachi, she sees him as her senpai, both addressing him as “senpai” and treating him with the respect present in a typical senpai and kohai relationship.  She is grateful of him teaching her all the ropes needed to succeed in the half-section and admires him for his dedication to his work.  However, she is critical of his lack of ai and decency(Hachi walking around in his diaper on her first day of work) and often scolds him of his demeanor.

tanabe tsun

As the story progresses, she and Hachi garner a mutual attraction for one another, even though the beginning of that attraction went through some rocky paths.

Near the end of the story, Tanabe manages to completely embrace Hachi’s anctics and tendencies, even to the point of waiting for him for seven years as he makes an expedition to Jupiter.  Because she comes to love him for who he is.

Even though Tanabe has always respected Hachi, the tsun tsun side of her showed during the numerous times she has scolded him for his lack of decency.  And her dere dere side is a no brainer for whoever watched the latter half of Planetes.

Verdict: Tsundere

Tsundere effectiveness: 7 urusais

Until next time…


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