My random manga


Based on Fire Emblem 7, a game I thoroughly enjoy, this one page depiction of Lyn’s encounter with the two knights Kent and Sain is my only work in which I bothered to ink and present in a semi-professional manner. As you can see, I hold no control over drawing any back drops nor do I possess the skill of drawing interesting panel designs, poses or angles. Nonetheless, it is a hobby of mine.



  1. Hello…

    haha, I see what you made thar…

    • have you played the game before?

      on a side note… OMG, first comment! I’m excited, thanks for commenting! lol

      • no, I haven’t played the game.. I don’t have a ps2…


        • This particular game is on the gba. And all other FEs are on nintendo systems.

          • D:

            that just shows I don’t know the games today…


          • Ha, no one’s saying that’s a bad thing or anything.

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