My Balls

No, not my balls, My Balls or Ore Tama the manga.

No, not my balls, My Balls or Ore Tama the manga.

One of the more hilarious mangas I’ve read in a while (who am I kidding, I’m not much of a manga reader in the first place).  For a person who isn’t as accustomed to the manga reading world just yet, I’d say I picked the right choice when I arbitrarily decided to pick up a series (one that is not associated with an anime adaptation that is already out that is).  The plot is absolutely ridiculous and rivals that of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.  Both series are very similar and absurd and I don’t know why I don’t know more series of this type.

My Balls is about a demon queen who has the ability to destroy earth in an instant… who is unfortunately sealed inside the protagonist’s(Satou Kouta’s) balls.  The Queen made a pact with God that during the July of the year 20xx, she would have the permission of obliterating the human race and take back earth.  Fortunately, if she does not act on this pact by the end of July, it would become void.  Kouta must avoid ejaculating, thereby destroying the human race, for a month, a feat already legendary in difficulty that is further complicated by the Queen’s cute demon subordinates who will do anything they can to make Kouta succumb and free their master.  Will Kouta be able to save mankind, only time will tell.

Yeah… what I admire in a story is originality, and this has it… if anything else.  Check it out if you like vulgar and completely uncalled for humor.


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