Anime conundrum


A large amount of anime series are stemmed from manga, light novels or some other original source.  For me, anime is the best medium for enjoying a series.  It has music, voice acting and animation (who would have thought…), features that I find very necessary in bringing a story fully to life and that are absent from the other forms of medium subsequently mentioned.  However, anime often have a glaring weakness that often bothers me – the lack of endings… A story is defined by its beginning, middle, climax and resolution, and a disturbing amount of series adapted into anime are devoid of the latter half of such essentials.

Many series are adapted in an untimely manner, and catches up to its source material.  Because it is then unable to continue on, the production takes three possible routes: To create fillers for its source material to catch up, to create its original ending that prematurely concludes the story and deviates from the original intent of the creator, or to simply stop producing more episodes.  I’m least annoyed by the first choice, as most productions that take this route are well over 200+ episodes and I don’t have the patience of watching stories that never end (this in a way, also violates the definition of a story).  The second choice is very scary and at the same time, envokes ambivalent feelings in me.  “Which ending is the correct one?” is a question that comes to mind.  Also when this happens, the same characters from the different adaptations often undergo different character development over time, which ultimately leads to completely different characters that share the same name.  I get very confused in keeping track of characters that I like and yet, at the same time, keeping track of the different variants of the same characters all because of some alternate universe that was inadvertently created because a certain production company wanted to jump start their adaptation… And the third choice… I don’t have much to say to that other than that it slightly pisses me off, just a little bit (see Air Gear or Maria Holic endings for clarification).  In a way, this route is the least damaging to the original work.  It doesn’t try and make excuses about running out of episodes to finish the adaptation.  It just blatantly blurts out, “Well hell, guess you’re going to have to wait a indefinate amount of time for season two… or read the manga.” In a way, I kinda like it when animes decide to tread this route, because if I felt love the anime, I could just carry over to the manga or light novel, etc. and continue on with the plot without much of a fuss (That is of course, if the anime stayed true to the source material in first place).

I love anime, but these are just some of the problems I have noticed during my time watching them.  No biggie really.


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