“Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” a riot, My love for Haruhi rekindles


The Second Coming of Haruhi

Upon finishing episode “8” of the “new” Haruhi “reruns” (Don’t worry, there is no contradiction, this is HARUHI we are talking about…), I am reminded of how I fell in love with the series for the first time.  Nowadays, it seems like all the rage to bash something that is popular, and the Haruhi series is no exception.  People are deeming it the worst thing ever with no character development and no plot and such and such.  I’ll have to agree with the fact that the series is indeed short of, but does not completely lack in the character development and plot progression departments relative to other series that… more or less rely on this kind of stuff.  But the thing is, these aren’t aspects that draws me to Haruhi, nor are they relevant in making the series a riot in the first place.

“Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” summarizes why fans hold the show in high regard in the first place.  During the episode, Kyon realizes he was the one who vandalized Haruhi’s middle school’s field with strange alien markings three years before he met her, finds out just how different he holds Mikuru and Haruhi in regard,


Kyon: "If it were Haruhi who did it, I'd have beaten the crap out of her, but since it's you it's A-OK."

and disturbingly figures out that his future, or now current, self was asleep in a time suspended room right next to his past self the whole time during the incident in which he first found out about Nagato’s alien tendencies.  Well, what that actually summarizes is why I love the series so much: Complete paradoxical mind-fuck that is handled so carefully and so playfully.


Oh, and its moe.

But to completely refute the “All popular things are bad” bandwagon jumpers, I will provide a more thorough list of reasons why Haruhi rocks: Characters that are so colorful and unique that they do not need developing before they become interesting, a story progression that is non-linear(literally), jumps all over the place(literally), and revels in its own confusion, and a crazy broadcasting schedule that makes its viewers ask questions like, “what… the fuck is going on?”, right before wrapping up everything masterfully on the 9th episode, halfway into its supposedly chronological timeline.


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