K-ON! 8 needs more Azusa…


Various mishaps too minor in worth to mention delayed my viewing of the newest episode of K-ON! until now. All I can say is that what a uneventful episode. Besides the concert, it seems as if the characters just stood around for 15 minutes or so. Not much else to say about the ep other than that it was pretty boring stuff. Oh, I guess the preview for the next ep would be a highlight. The title indicates that it will be completely devoted to the introduction of Azusa, something that they could have easily incorporated in this weeks episode. Meh.



  1. LOL, are we gonna see neko-Azusa or Sawa-sensei is gonna put them all in neko-costumes? I kinda wish they did inu cosplay next >_<

    • inu, as in dog? I don’t think I remember that in the manga.

      • I didn’t read the manga, that’s just wishful thinking :PPP

        • Azusa does not need cosplay to boost her cuteness.

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