Kiss x Sis ova actually tolerable, despite harem status

I hope this is appropriate (enough) to post...

I hope this is appropriate (enough) to post...

I usually dislike harems (of course, there are exceptions), but I have watched a fair share of them.  The reason behind such contradiction is that… I get pulled in by all the hot girls that are usually present in them.  It is only after I’ve watched over half a series, when it’s too late to turn back, that I regret watching, for the genre’s lack of any cohesive plot, interesting characters or artistic merit outweighs the benefits I receive from ogling at all the pretty ladies.  Kiss x Sis is an exception to this distaste of the genre.  And the main reason is because, the show consists of only two episodes (three, if you count the one that releases this fall).

First documented usage of the rainbow censor

First documented usage of the rainbow censor.

Harems usually have a problem of maintaining its freshness.  After one or two episodes, its all well and good that all the girls are fighting for one guy, and that various gags are stemmed from this conflict, but after 10+ episodes, this one formula that gets repeated over and over grows very stale.  Kiss x Sis solves this problem by its lack of 10+ episodes.  I finished it without having a chance of growing bored.  Meanwhile, I enjoyed its over the top, borderline hentai anctics.

Shy + Slutty = Perfection

Shy + Slutty = Perfection

The two attractions of the show, Ako and Riko are drawn with just the right loli touches.  The main character is a little pansy and there is not much (any) plot.  Still, these things have virtually no meaning in this type of the show in the first place.  Overall, a very very enjoyable watch.


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