Vinland Saga, Intense Face Manga


Fuck you looking at?

Fuck you looking at?

I read this manga (all the chapters that are out at the moment) in a matter of a day.  It is that good. The main plot of Vinland Saga is a dramatization of the rise of King Canute in the 11th century, set in Dane-controlled England. History lessons aside, the real meat of the story deals with its fictional half, about a young boy named Thorfinn out for revenge on Askeladd, the murderer of his father.  The twist is, in order to accomplish the deed, Thorfinn joins Askeladd and his group of mercenaries in order to accomplish the deed.

One thing any reader will notice right away is Yukimura Makoto’s (the author’s) excruciating attention to accuracy.  His portrayal of 11th century vikings, even when they are out of the battlefield, is painstakingly authentic.  To top it off, the way he executes, paces and illustrates his story is truly remarkable.

The manga is over-the-top violent and shows no mercy to its readers, creating a sense of realism that some might find a tad-bit difficult to swallow.  Amongst all the bloodshed and drama, Yukimura is still able to squeeze in comic-relief into his scenes, a feat that is handled eloquently and carefully; such conflicting themes do not always mix well.  A must read for all those looking for a mature, epic story and can stomach its limbs-flying, eyeballs-exploding graphic portrayal of war.

One last thing, if there was an award for “most intense looking faces”, this manga would win it.  Don’t take my word for it.


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