I hate dubs


I was in the MAL forums and came across a peculiar thread.  The topic creator posed the question of “When Gintama will be dubbed?” so that he can finally start watching it.  Someone replied, “Why would you want it to be dubbed? That’s like asking when someone’s going to finish making a Mona Lisa out of dog shit.” I think that sums up this person’s(for obvious reasons) and my disdain for dubbed anime pretty accurately.

It’s funny really, how deep my utter disgust at English dubs can be.  If anime existed only in dubbed form, I will most definately stop watching anime all together.  Dubs literally render a show completely unwatchable for me. It’s serious business.  This strong hatred might be frowned upon by some, but in all honesty, it is not my fault, for I do not wish for blood to burst out of my ears, a wish held by many.



  1. I don’t know why it’s hard for people to understand that people who’s main language is english(like me)prefer dubs so why waste time getting offended? I prefer dubs, but I do watch subs if there’s an anime show I really want to watch that hasn’t been licensed yet. I like subs, but I prefer dubs, and that’s that.

    • I think I know what you are saying. But please don’t misunderstand me, I’m fine with other people watching dubbed versions of their favorite shows, I could care less; I’m not offended by these people. What does offend me is the incompatibility of the English language and Japanese animation(for me, it just does not mix). Also dubbed work also tend to edit some of the dialogue or even omit some scenes out from the original source to have it be more suited for its foreign audience. Jokes and other culture specific details also get lost in translation(translator note’s in subs fixes this). Now, this is not always true, but the fact that it could be true disturbs me.
      Subbed work aren’t all that great either. I could be watching a bad sub that totally mistranslates something and I would have no clue of it happening right before my eyes. In the end, its all preferences really, which was the point of the post(with a little angst added to it).

  2. Dubbed Anime isn’t as bad as people seem to make out. There are really good ones out there such as FMA, DBZ, etc.

    • DBZ might be the only exception… I didn’t know what they were thinking with Goku’s Japanese voice.
      But I’ll admit we tend to grow accustom to a dub if we spent a long time watching it without the exposure to the original. But once you realize just how much better the original Japanese is compared to the dub, you never want to go back.

  3. Yeah I mentioned DBZ cause I know how bad Goku sounded. If I’m not mistaken, Goku and Gohan had the same voice actors, and the Japanese Kamehameha was horrible beyond compare. So screechy. I really like Vegeta and Trunks in the FUNi dub though. Overall, DBZ is obviously one of the better dubs out there, but like I said, there are still other good ones.

  4. I obviously hate dubs too. I can’t stand their voices, its sounds so weird, and stupid. The subbed/subs are hell way better. What the hell do we need dub for anyway? Just for some shit adds?

  5. Well its the crappy dubber voice’s fault for making the anime ugly.

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