unfair moe...

unfair moe...

The newest episode of the moe-hit K-ON! delivers the goods.  First and foremost, viewers will notice that the OP is slightly altered to assimilate the newest member of the club, Azusa.

I’m slightly disappointed at the way they handled it though.  She only appears sparsely, and it feels more like a copy-paste job than a professionally done one.  She is even excluded from the ED all together.  But the fact that they did make an effort to acknowledge her importance is satisfying enough for me.  If they hadn’t altered the OP at all, I would’ve been pissed.

The episode itself was a welcome change from last week’s mediocrity.  Azusa is wholly introduced and is the center of attention in the episode.  She has always been my favorite out of the five ever since her introduction in the manga.  Her attempts to slap professionalism into her seniors accompanied by her shy nature make her extremely cute and likable, not to mention her killer-moe character design (I cannot get enough of those pig-tails).


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