Shana 3 due this fall


Too hot to be contained in two seasons alone.

A third season of fiery Shana is due this October as confirmed by the newest issue of Dengeki Bunko.  This is music to my ears because even though I just recently got into the series, I’ve instantly fell in love with its mix of action, tsundere, romance, and Kugimiya, and now this happens.  Let’s hope Kotoko and Mami Kawada will continue to lend their lovely voices for this production.


"Shana Project Restarted!! Shakugan no Shana Anime Surges Toward New Development!!"

It was inevitable(well I say that for a new ZnT 4, but looks like I’m still waiting), because of the dick move they pulled at the end of season two, and the fact that the actual novels are still being churned out.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a remake (or rerun…) or something.  Because information is still vague, this sort of thing is not completely out of the question.  Having gone through the new Haruhi season rumors fiasco from the very beginning, I’ve become very weary of stunts like these.


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