Kannagi 14, it’s not always about the graphics



The unaired episode of Kannagi recently came out along with volume seven of the DVD releases.  The episode itself is true to the series in terms of its fillerish, slapstick comedy.  But in terms of animation, it was its downfall.  Characters sometimes looked warped and several scenes, especially during the storm, where it was blatantly obvious a sacrifice of fluid animation took place in order to compensate for the lack of budget.  The trademark Kannagi humor is still intact, and there is a significant amount of ecchi provided as well (especially from Zange-chan).  Basically, there are more than enough distractions that will keep you from noticing the somewhat shoddy animation.

In the episode, Takako and Shino arbitrarily finds a clean bundle of cash (100,000 yen to be exact) on the street and decides the art club needs to put it to good use… by starting a film project.  Due to a storm, the filming is delayed and Akiba realizes he forgot to return an overdue DVD he used for reference material.

Due to the pestering of Takako, Akiba decides to venture back to the video store to return the DVD, despite the typhoon scale storm outside.  Sounds nothing more than a compilation of random and uneventful shit doesn’t it? Well, that’s Kannagi for you, but the fact that something so seemingly boring is handled so well and implemented so hilariously is the driving force that makes Kannagi such a hit.


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