Something I’ve noticed about the Clannad & Clannad After Story OPs


Tomoya pulling a Fuko.

Tomoya pulling a Fuko.

There is something peculiar about these two OPs (the second one to a lesser extent)

The main character is not in them…

Okazaki Tomoya is nowhere to be seen! All the side and useless characters manages to sneak in… but the protagonist is nowhere to be found! It is not every day that you find an anime OP without its lead in it.

Okazaki manages to show his face for a little under one second before the camera pulls out and blurs his face in the second OP.  See if you can spot him.  (It is easier if you’ve already seen the series, as its all about context.)



  1. You know… it’s the same for Air TV

  2. Well…. the only difference is that in Air… there really isn’t that many side characters, but the important people aren’t included in the OPs just like Clannad

    • I can’t really find a reason why they would do that other than to try and be different.

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