Ogiue Chika, tsundere?

This is my second article in the tsundere? series.  Today we will tackle the topic of Ogiue, the withdrawn fujoshi from Genshiken. The character archetype tsundere is definitely not as simple as black and white.  There are characters who are blatantly tsundere (Kugimiya) and ones that feature tsundere tendencies but aren’t necessarily tsundere themselves (borderline tsundere).  There are also different forms of tsundere, such as ones that expresses their tsun tsun side by beating the shit out of the protagonist (the violent ones), ones that give the protagonist the cold shoulder, ones that don’t necessarily express their tsundere toward a love interest, but at the entire cast, etc.  We will hopefully explore all of these aspects of this topic, but for now…

Ogiue Chika from Genshiken

Does she qualify as a tsunderekko? And if so, does she succeed as one?

Does she qualify as a tsunderekko? And if so, does she succeed as one?

Ogiue is introduced about halfway into the story.  At first, she expresses indifference and hatred to those willing to befriend her and otakus respectively, despite being an otaku herself.  These detrimental and conflicting feelings were caused by a past trauma that caused her to hate the very things she loves.  She can’t help it, and therefore she is locked into a circle of hate that causes her to be alienated from her peers.

Not long after Sasahara and Ogiue meet, Sasahara begins to harbor feelings for her.  Because Sasahara is an otaku, Ogiue refuse to acknowledge him as someone she could get involved with, thereby suppressing her own feelings for him.

Ogiue begins to express her love for Sasahara in an awkward and unconventional way, by drawing a “boys-love” manga featuring Sasahara and another senpai of hers.  Because she is ashamed of it, and wants to keep it a secret from him, the gap in their relationship widens.  But Sasahara refused to give up, and after inspecting the manga, despite Ogiue’s protests and being unscathed in the process, the two begin to go out.

One indicator of Ogiue’s transformation due to her new relationship with Sasahara is extremely evident.  Her eyes begin to sparkle soon after she begins to date Sasahara and they remain sparkling for the remainder of the series.  This “sparkle” symbolizes that she has gotten over her past and is ready to accept herself for who she is.

sparkless spark

Ogiue makes a dramatic change in her character as the series progressed, a trait much needed to be considered as a part of a character archetype that is defined by being dynamic.  Her tsun tsun aspects are hard to miss and quite brutal, while her dere dere aspects are just as potent.  She even has a physical indicator of her transition from tsun to dere. Ogiue is an incredible tsunderekko.

Verdict: Tsundere

Tsundere effectiveness: 9 urusais

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  1. Well it DID feel tsundere to me. Like the “I hate otaku” part, and how she hates manga and ero material but somehow likes yaoi and draws yaoi. And of course her tsundere attitude is apparent in her interactions with Sasahara. Definitely a tsundere, although much cuter than the usual loli tsundere.

    • I never really considered her tsundere until I sat down and thought about it. I always liked reclusive nature and liked her even more when she began to show her sweeter side after she began dating Sasahara. I guess I’m just drawn to these type of characters.

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