Rearn how to pronounce Japanese correctly



I get frustrated by an amazing amount of people who get confused by the magic letter ‘r’ in the Japanese language. The first thing you need to learn right off the bat is that it doesn’t exist. In spoken Japanese, there is not an utter of the ‘r’ sound, ever. Then some random douchbag decided to compensate for the lack of ‘r’ sound in the language, by replacing all the ‘l’s in romaji with ‘r’s. So now, in written Japanese, at least in romaji (well duh, because if it isn’t romaji, this ローマ字 shit comes up, and westerners don’t understand it)… anyways, now, in romaji, the letter ‘l’ does not exist and every single ‘l’ in existence is hunted down and replaced with an ‘r’. Just make sure you pronounce the ‘r’ with a ‘l’ sound, and you’re good to go… no wonder so many people are confused…

Oh, and apparently the ‘v’ sound does not exist either, it is replaced with a ‘b’ sound. So when a Japanese person is saying DBuiD as oppose to DVD, or pronouncing labu as oppose to love, don’t panic, it’s all going according to plan.



  1. on the “v” sound, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U_(kana)

    • Err, sorry, that one got cut off. Traditionally the “v” sound is replaced with the “b” sound, and that is what I see all the time. The only time I’ve seen ヴ used was in Phantom’s ツヴァイ (Zwei, pronounced an ‘tsuvai’)

      • You would think that replacing the ‘v’ sound with ‘ui’ would make more sense than the ‘b’ sound.

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