Growing out of Otaku



I love anime dearly, probably more so than any other of my hobbies.  I fear that someday, I might drift off to another direction and abandon what I once held very dearly.  This blog acts kind of like a countermeasure for such a scenario, for it allows me to embrace this hobby more thoroughly.  Nevertheless, people change, goals change and circumstances change.  People might or might not want to admit it, but we are all very dynamic creatures, with time, we become totally different beings who either look back with regret or envy.

Even the most hardcore otakus, surrounded by mountains of figures, dakimakura, posters and wall scrolls can sometimes find themselves questioning their treasured pastimes, as demonstrated by fellow uber-otaku Melonpan.  Of course, this is not definite, as hardcore otakus are also known for brash (the moron who destroyed his entire Kannagi manga collection because of second-hand speculations of Nagi-sama) and stupid decisions (the moron who bought 39 copies of Idol Master SP from 13 different retailers) from the slightest of things, decisions that (at least I hope) they look back on and regret.

Harboring this fear is for the most part ridiculous, because if you love something, you’ll most likely continue liking it, and if you stopped, then most of the time, it will be because you’ve found activities better worth your time (think from collecting dakimakura to I don’t know… getting a girlfriend).  But the fact that I find an older generation enjoying shows like Hayate no Gotoku! awkward lends me to think about my future as an anime fan.  I guess it isn’t much of a fear as it is a curiosity.

Times have moved on though, the older generation we have now might not have an one-to-one correspondence with anime, but the otakus of today, fast forward 20 or 30 years, might.  In fact, the generations to come might see anime as something associated with old geezers as they relish in their own creations a decent amount of decades from now, and we will be waving our canes at whatever that new creation is,  berating those rowdy teens for their crazy antics.

One of the strong attributes of anime is that it covers such a broad spectrum of interests that it makes anime hard to give up and easy to get into.  What’s more, one of those interests is always constant.  Interested in action? Check, shows like Code Geass and Samurai Champloo fit those criteria.  Interested in comedy? Check, parody and non sequitur shows like Kannagi and Hayate no Gotoku! fit the bill.  Interested in mature plot/themes? Check, shows like Monster and Ergo Proxy will quench your thirst.  etc.etc.  Even interests that are the obscurest of the obscure are covered.  An example is Hikaru no Go.  The only reason why I picked up this show despite its shounen-esque plot progression and old age is because I enjoy the game of go, and not surprisingly, I also enjoy the anime.  And of course, the interest that is always constant is of course… Interested in sex? Check, there is a collection of hentai too large to be view in your lifetime waiting for you.

To end this tl;dr, I’ve decided.  Fuck it, I refuse giving up anime, because it is something that I hold very dearly.  Now that I remember, here’s a quote I came up with in some forum —

Anime is life, when I’m through with that, I guess anime will follow.



  1. Well, I used to watch anime all the time. When I wasn’t playing a new game that I had to finish, or were socializing online, I was marathoning anime. It’s been some years since anime viewing became less and less of a priority. That’s not to say I don’t like anime or don’t download huge amounts of it, but I don’t have the same “must watch anime NOW” need anymore, probably cause I’m worried about too much RL stuff to just sit and watch anime like I used to. I download 10 anime series a season and I’m happy if I am following 5 of them. The rest end up piling up.

    • There are RL stuff that definitely outprioritize anime by a long shot, otherwise anime becomes a problem rather than a blessing. But for me, as a hobby, anime is priority number one.

  2. I love anime, but I wouldn’t classify myself as being otaku, especially since I don’t get into figurines, and cosplay. I’m older than the average anime fan, and I’m kind of surprised that at my age (in my thirties)that I would find anime so appealing, but that’s pretty much all i watch. After a few decades of american tv, I guess I was ready for a change. Is this a fad with me? I truly don’t know, but i’m definitely enjoying the ride.

    • I think there is strong clash between the idea of what demographic can potentially enjoy anime and the idea of what demographic should enjoy anime. Anime is not a genre, but includes shows that are vastly different from one another, shows that can appeal to any age group or sex. With that said, in theory, it is perfectly fine for someone like yourself to enjoy this medium, but there are always people who judge things they don’t understand and label them along with specific age groups etc..

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