Anime OP/ED Rhapsody



One of the reasons I adore anime is because of the lavished intro and outro “music videos” that precede and follow each episode.  I can’t speak for every series, but it is very evident that a lot of effort has been put in to them, enough to warrant them as a crucial part of the show and as an art form.  The quality of anime OP/EDs can be further appreciated when it is contrasted with its western counterpart; OPs that are a few seconds long and handled in an apathetic fashion.  And the EDs? What ED? Oh, you mean that little black bar that takes up about 2/5 of the screen with rapid white text streaming through it.  That’s not much an ED as it is a defilement filled with greed and disrespect for the producers of the show.  Anime OPs and EDs usually take up about three minutes of a show’s runtime and under certain circumstances, are actually my favorite part of a show (For example, I really, really like the OP and first ED of To-Love-Ru, but the show itself can go to hell for being pure garbage.)

As much as I appreciate anime OP/EDs as an art, there is still such a thing as good art and bad art.  I skip ones that fails to grab my attention or are just plain terrible(everything from Code Geass, Paranoia Agent, Air Gear ED), and skip ones that I like after watching around five to ten episodes(TMoSH OP, Samurai Champloo OP/ED, Genshiken OP/EDs).  There are exceptions however.  Certain OP/EDs are filled with so much genius that skipping them would be a crime, even if they went on for 200 episodes(Anything by Kotoko, Kannagi OP, Toradora first OP).  These are rare, but missing the OP/EDs under this category would be as serious as missing a crucial part of the storyline, they are that good.

Some more example of this category:

I sit middle ground in this issue.  One of my friends totally disregards them completely. Although I skip my fair share, I always make sure to give them a chance before I pass judgment.  My friend on the other hand, fail to acknowledge them as a part of the show and skips them all, although he doesn’t say it as skipping as it is just watching the show normally.  Then there’s this other friend, whom I often watch anime with. If I make the slightest movement indicating that I plan to skip an OP or ED, I must prepare to be strangled.

Eh, not quite sure how to wrap up this post, so here is a couple of universally accepted points:

Kotoko = God (or Goddess, whatever)

K0t0ko’s voice > you

Kotoko is awesome.



  1. You should watch a few SHAFT OPs – “Euphoric Field” (ef – a tale of memories OP), “Kuusou Rumba” (Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei OP), etc.

    SHAFT = God (or Gods) D:<

    • Shit, I forgot about Maria Holic’s OP, it is absolutely insane, and incredible.

    • What about some KyoAni songs?

      • The best I’ve seen so far is Cagayake Girls! from K-ON! but now that they jammed in Azusa, the OP looks unbalanced, which is a shame. It is still very good though.

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