Endless Eight? More like Endless Couch



That is the longest couch I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Anyway, back on topic, as this is an episode impression/recap post… thing.  This week’s episode experienced a huge nose dive in quality from episode eight.  Considering episode eight was godly, this one wasn’t as bad as I put it out to be.  Nothing happens at all throughout the entire duration of the episode, or rather, everything happens.  The SOS Brigade goes to the pool, catches cicadas, watches fireworks, goes fishing, plays baseball, goes to the Obon festival, gets part-time jobs, tries on yukatas, goes karaoke singing, stargazes, tips some cows, visits a graveyard, goes goldfish catching, watches the summer blockbuster, and goes bowling.  I might have missed a couple more (and added some unnecessary ones), but you get the idea.  It was kinda like an inverted version of episode 14 from last season (the one with Yuki reading a book for 1/3 of the episode, and Kyon walking up and down a hill for the other 2/3, yeah that one).

For some reason, I can’t get enough of the track that plays when they’re out catching cicadas.  Somehow, the montage of Mikuru showing off her retardation, Kyon being annoyed and Yuki being indifferent set to a soothing jazzy tune stood out to me the most, even though it was a pretty uneventful part of the episode, then again, the entire episode was uneventful.

Kyon was win during the tail end of the episode, when he realized that he had put off his summer homework and compensates for it by playing Tetris with his sister on his giganto couch.  I’m pretty sure every procrastinator who watched this episode saw themselves in Kyon at that moment.

Also, new OP, Super Drive by Hirano Aya makes its debut.  My opinions? I thought it was a very good successor of Bouken Desho Desho, in fact, I think it surpasses it.  First season’s OP was quality, but rather forgettable in my opinion, and this season’s OP pretty much tread the same lines, except the eccentric visuals are a step up.

Some screens for your pleasure:



  1. I thought it was a very good successor of Bouken Desho Desho, in fact, I think it surpasses it.

    Really? The general opinion has been that it’s worse than the other three OP/EDs!

    Personally, I think “Bouken Desho Desho” is, and forever will be, the greatest anime song ever made, so I can’t really say much. :x

    • the other three OP/ED? You mean the Mikuru’s Adventure one? I dunno, I just don’t like Bouken Desho Desho very much, I think some of it has to do with the fact that I don’t like Hirano Aya as a singer. But she sings Super Drive as well… so that doesn’t effect my preference over the two OPs relative to each other. But like I said, I think the visuals the Super Drive are superior to its predecessor.

  2. lol good call on the couch. i didn’t catch it the first time through.

    • ha, that couch thing is actually photoshopped. I guess that’s the reason you didn’t catch it the first time.

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