finale K-ON! ep is finale



Episode 12 of the moelicious K-ON! pulls every trick in the book, the book of finales.  What usually finalize an anime as a solid series? The concluding episode, and K-ON! pulls no punches in delivering a legitimate ending… by throwing at us every anime finale cliche it can muster.

Camaraderie is promoted as something imperative.

A scene parallel to one in the first episode is shown to bring about nostalgia.

There is a heartwarming reunion.

The protagonist realizes her growth since the beginning.

There is superfluous crying.

Despair falls upon the main characters before a story of perseverance and faith rejuvenate their wary souls.

Insert songs are played.

Everyone cheers for our heroes (or rather, heroines).

Everybody is happy.

A life goes on mentality is alluded to.

I’d say this is an impressive collection of finale essentials handled rather exceptionally, especially for a show that is slice of life and that has a source material that has obviously not concluded.  I think this might have been the series best episode because despite the bad connotations associated with the word “cliche”, there is a reason why all these story elements are used to conclude stories, because they work, if handled properly that is, and that is exactly what K-ON! did.

The extreme popularity of K-ON! during its short run has attracted both rabid fanboys/girls as well as haters alike.  I shall therefore settle this with my own opinions, because ultimately, it is my opinions that truly matter.  I though the show was a fun watch.  Of course, there were countless flaws the show suffered from(recycled gags, uneventfulness, instances of drowning in its own cuteness, animation blemishes(to a smaller extent), etc.) and these flaws did drag down its score quite a bit, I don’t regret watching it (popular series bring about the hits when blogged about).  I love the manga, and it was nice to see the cute characters come to life through animation, voice acting and most of all, music.  The music was superb.  Being an avid follower of JPop, I loved all of Afterschool Teatime’s hits; Hikasa Yoko’s voice was a delight to listen to.  I’ll be looking forward to her later roles and theme song performances.  Well, that sums it up, now I can focus blogging about Saki(if I decide to catch up), Haruhi(now that season 2 has finally kicked in), CANAAN, and Jyuden Chan.  Well, I guess… oh wait, there’s one more episode left of K-ON! Way to kill a wrap up to a post…


  1. (popular series bring about the hits when blogged about)

    Yes, that’s my problem with Haruhi. I don’t enjoy THAT much that I really want to blog it and the fact that most of the fanbase is a huge pile of overhyped zombies doesn’t help but yeah, unfortunate though that is, it brings hits :p But K-ON was fun enough so I don’t mind :p

    • Haruhi is overglorified by its massive fan base, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. To me, it is an amazing series and can back up most of its praise unlike a lot of other shows that have been overhyped. Sucks for you that you don’t enjoy it, but it seems like you’re not enjoying it for the wrong reasons. In my opinion, no matter how annoying a fanbase is to a show, it has no effect on my enjoyment of the show itself.

      • I enjoy it, just not that much and the fanbase just spoils the fun more. It’s good, but it’s far from excellent.

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