K-ON! 13 “Someday in the Rain”



K-ON!, a show marked by its superfluity, ends on a lighter note. This episode might as well been dubbed “Someday in the Rain” because it had a completely identical feel to Haruhi’s first season finale (chronological wise). Although K-ON! is nowhere near the quality of Haruhi, I will say that “Winter Days” was a high quality K-ON! episode marked by its chillax and subtle melancholy ambience and “Someday in the Rain” was a low quality Haruhi episode that was uneventful and overdone in terms of the atmosphere it wanted to achieve. And thus, the qualities of these two episodes meet.

Yui made me chuckle a couple times during the episode. Noticeably when she tried to play Gitah with her gloves on and when she tried to feed Azusa some marshmallows only to get a “you really do have down syndrome don’t you?” look looked back at her. In fact, I will go as far as to say Yui was the only humor that this show ever had. Fans take her for granted in favor of Mio, who aside from her chest isn’t much of a character at all. Yui’s retardation truly helped this anime in its many times of need.

As for a second season? Who knows? The popularity of this show does indeed ask for it, but the question is, will I watch it? As of right now, probably not. My manga history isn’t as intensive as it should be, and there are probably countless manga that trumps K-ON!. But putting those issues aside, I really do enjoy the K-ON! as a manga, and for me, the best option would be to keep K-ON! that way.



  1. Well, Ritsu was asking about renting Budokan, that’s as much of a hint as any that they aren’t indifferent to making a second season.

    • I might have missed that. What’s Budokan? And when did Ritsu mention it?

      • O_o The stage they wanted to perform since the club was formed. Near the end of the ep Ritsu asks how much does renting it cost.

        • Oh yeah, Ritsu did say something about that on the first episode or something. I don’t really think that’s a clear sign of a second season though. It will mainly depend on how the manga will turn out (the girls are maturing faster than characters from most slice of life stories, will they have enough material?), and its popularity (which is relatively high).

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