Haruhi 14 had me sweating like a dog in a Chinese restaurant.


chinese dog

I’ve had bad experiences with accidentally skipping an episode or chapter in a show or manga. The worst incident happened when I was reading the Genshiken manga. I was happily reading through the story. The members of Genshiken were on their summer trip to Kuruizawa and the Sasahara and Ogiue crisis was about to be solved. So I’m reading and reading and WAM! Suddenly Sasa and Ogi were in the woods, and Sasa was apologizing to Ogi for some apparent reason. Being the noob that I was at the time, I paid little heed to my confusion and kept on reading. It was later that I found out that I had skipped a chapter, but it wasn’t just any chapter, it was probably the most pivotal chapter in the whole manga. I read through the entire manga only to find out later that I had missed it. From that day forward, I vowed to never make the same mistake again.

To advert certain disaster in the future, I always double check to see if I was indeed finish with an episode or chapter before continuing on (Of course, this doesn’t happen if I’m watching or reading something with episodes/chapters back to back, I’m not that forgetful). For example, even if I am quite positive that I had watched an episode the day before, I still click on the file and have the progress bar jump around a bit to ascertain that fact. Then Haruhi 14 comes… If you’ve seen the episode (I don’t know why you’re here if you haven’t seen it yet… Slow internet?) You can see why I have met my match the moment I opened up the newly torrented file today. “Something was strange, I somehow got that feeling.” Was my thought when the episode began. Kyon was lying on the couch watching a baseball game in which he cared for neither teams. His cell phone rings and Haruhi’s voice burst through the speaker commanding Kyon to get ready. What the fuck? Haruhi is known for her dirty antics, but this was going a little too far. It was time for progress bar abuse. To avoid potentially spoiling myself, I clicked conservatively rightward toward the halfway point of the file, somewhere past the midpoint, my sweating started to… not diminish at all… The entire Haruhi 14 was an imperfect replica of Haruhi 13! It was like episode 12 and 13 had a kid and due to unfavorable DNA mutations, we are stuck with a shitty new episode. But like all children born “special”, they might have some unknown potential hidden deep within the retarded look in their faces. Think savants who can solve cube roots of arbitrary numbers faster than a calculator… And I’m hoping that is just what episode 14 is, an incredible child with hidden potentials that will hopefully be revealed soon (like next week). Episode 13 did it for episode 12, now I’m hoping for it to happen again. I must not lose faith in Haruhi, because I know if any series can totally backfire their own “screw ups”, it’s this one.

Repeat episode deserves repeat post, lol. But to not look like a complete lazy ass, I made some slight modifications  here and there to emulate how the episode was set up (Because I’m so innovative and smart like that, and also, this completes my excuse for making the post longer than it should be). In all seriousness though, there is not much to talk about this episode, as it essentially was a complete remake of last week’s episode (I knew Haruhi was popular but to receive a remake even when the original is still running?? This is getting ridiculous).


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