CANAAN episode 1, I don’t know what just happened, but it was sick


Jumping out of a exploding helicopter has been a popular pastime lately.

I finally managed to watch the first episode of CANAAN. Plotwise… well I have no opinions of that, since it confused the hell out of me. I might as well have watched the RAW because there was just too much information thrown out all at once. There’s also the problem with anime characters all looking the same. Of course, this problem is always adverted later on when you watch more of a series, but for now, I couldn’t tell apart certain characters, especially the secretary and the leader of the Snakes… (or are they the same character, I told you I was confused ^_^;) However, I’m really interested in finding the history behind the relationship between the camera girl and Canaan, also the whole mystery behind the masked people spazzing out. In a way, the confusion adds to my enthusiasm to find out more, so in that sense, the plot is a success so far.

4Random picture that you won’t get if you didn’t watch the episode! And even if you did watch it, you still wouldn’t get it!

But leaving the plot aside, everything else about this show makes my five senses orgasm at the same time. The action sequences are top notch, the animation is smooth, and the character designs and art style is damn cool. Of course, this is the first episode, so I assume a lot more money would be put into this one than later episodes. Still I have not witnessed this much visual/audio win in a long time. The opening is also incredible, though I can’t say much about the song itself, though it fits the atmosphere of the show perfectly (and it might grow on me later), but the visuals are stunning. P.A. Works attention to quality is astonishing, this show has motivated me to check out more of their work.

Voice acting wise… I think it gets the job done, though Canaan’s voice is a little distracting. I keep on getting Tsugumi in my head whenever she talks. But the quality of the voices is professionally done. On a side note, I couldn’t even tell the voice of the secretary was done by Rie Tanaka at first, even though she’s one of my favorite voice actresses. I guess I’m not use to her playing such a devious character after just finishing Hayate no Gotoku!. Also, the camera girl’s voice sounds a lot like Aya Hirano. Eh, I should really stop saying camera girl; I’m going to have to find out her name eventually if I’m going to keep on blogging about this show… Oh, her name is Maria, did not know that.

One gripe I had with this episode was the ignorance of the crowd in the festival. People are having seizures, falling into rivers, getting shot up by assault rifles, and the crowd doesn’t even have a damn clue. Though it would be extremely difficult to realize something is wrong when there are fireworks, thousands of people talking and the festival itself going on, it only takes one person to realize what is going on for it to create a chain reaction for panic. And having the crowd panic wouldn’t really damage the direction of the plot I would think… unless I’m wrong, which most likely would be the case.

Seriously, this show makes my eyes and ears bleed pure bliss:



  1. Camera girl is played by NANJOU Yoshino, who was Koko in DC Da Capo 2.

    • She sounds like Aya though… somewhere out there someone agrees with me.

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