Regarding my absence and the month to come


delicous picture has only 0.01% relevance to this post.

delicous picture has only 0.01% relevance to this post.

I haven’t been blogging often like I’ve used to, several reasons have been devised to explain this phenomenon. First, an old friend of mine came back for a visit in the middle of last week, and I’ve been pretty busy keeping up with old times. Second is the lack of new episodes from the series I’m watching. Haruhi 15 taught us that Endless Eight is really endless or the fact that Haruhi is the best show to have ever existed, either one, the situation is making me very nervous. Canaan have yet to release episode 2 (I will definitely follow this show very closely in this blog, in fact, the waiting is hurting me a bit), and who could forget about Jyuden-chan. Yes, I’m watching this show, although the lack of speedy subs and… quality have refrained me from blogging about this series just yet… And the third reason is my totally incompetence as a writer. New, original, kick ass post topics aren’t coming to me as rapidly coming to me lately like they used to. Though I’m sure this drought of ideas will wear out rather soon.

Out of the three reason, the last one probably have the most impact on what has happened this past week, that is, the lack of posts. Blogging is a lot of fun, especially if it is about anime, and there is no way I’m going to let a little writer’s block getting in the way of the success of this blog so far and the successes to come.

I’ll give an update of what is going on with me right now, since I haven’t been on Twitter all that much either these past 10 days. Remember the old friend I talked about? Of course you do, you read it less than a couple of minutes ago (no offense to those less fortunate slow readers… seriously get the fuck out… jkjk). Well any way, the old friend happens to have the ultimate internet connection, downloading at around five anime series a second (actual speed may vary) and has provided me with a healthy amount of anime to chow on. Right now I’m watching Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. I tell you, this is the probably the most elusive series I’ve ever come a crossed. I thought my internet hunting skills were proficient, but this series proved me wrong. I enjoyed the first season and Fumoffu is one of my most favorite series ever so you know I was quite happy to find this in his collection. I no longer had to bear with shady torrents and random-French-subbed-episodes-disguised-as-English-subs that this series is legendary for. Currently I’m on episode 8 and will probably finish it tomorrow. It is a riot.

Now, regarding the months to come. I’ll be leaving for China very soon. Why am I going to China you ask? Well, coincidentally, I’m Chinese (this information was going to be blurted out sooner or later, might as well do it now. And it wasn’t a total mystery, since the self portrait I drew myself on the “About Me” page resembled someone Asian… I think… minus the red hair). I’m checking the websites that are blocked on the internet in China right now on Wikipedia and is getting very nervous. I think WordPress is safe, but I have doubts about Twitter. Twitter is unblocked as of now, but they are so flip-floppy about this, that I guess no website on the web is truly safe from their censoring ways… sigh, I better start using Bing or something because it looks like Google is in the red zone in terms of this whole blocking issue. I don’t even know about my anime download sources (sniff… Canann… I’ll die a little inside if I can’t watch this series over there)

I’ll update on my adventures in China once I get there… or not, depending on the level of care I think you guys actually give about some random dude’s vacation, as of right now, I suspect none. But I will definitely blog about anime, once I get my ideas rolling again.


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