Popular Blogger Returns after Inconvenient Hiatus



Now that I’ve finally regained my ability to get online (heh, silly me to think that I could actually update this thing while on a trip to China even if I did have access to the internet (traveling =/= usual habits, routines, etc. in terms of free time and priority)), I waste no time in updating this blog… actually, I’ve already gotten back for three days. Regaining momentum of previous seemingly mundane activities can actually be quite a feat. For example, I have been watching anime like a mad man earlier this summer, but when I first got back, I actually had no urge to watch anything, in fact, it felt like a chore to seek out, download, and sit through those long 24 something minutes of animation (22 something if you decide to skip the OP and ED…).

I hate bloggers that make tons of excuses and go on giant tangents that do nothing more than comfort their guilty consciences because they’ve been neglecting their blogging duties or have nothing better to write about…………………………………………………………………….

Ah, the hardships of getting back to something after you’ve abandoned it for a while… The first hardship that I can come up with right now is figuring out what Haruhi episode I was on. There are two factors that make this task somewhat of a challenge. First, Haruhi episodes do not follow conventional episode 1, episode 2, episode 3 type of progression. Second, “Endless Eight” really have me scratching my head on exactly how many “Endless Eights” were there and where did I left off. I have two choices to make, either figure it out by searching it online with the risk of spoiling myself, or ask a friend who is up to date on Haruhi with a greater risk of spoiling myself (seriously this guy does not comprehend the idea of “spoilers are bad and may potentially wreck a viewing experience). Both choices seem very dangerous and I am in a quite a quandary (seriously, there is no way I’m getting spoiled after waiting so patiently through all that “Endless Eight” bullshit.)

On another note,

I’ve recently figured out something. Having just watched Lucky Star, I’ve discovered Deretsun was blurted out by Shiraishi Minoru in Lucky Channel when he and Kogami Akira were discussing the character archetype of Hiiragi Kagami. Now this is very awkward for me because obviously Lucky Star came before this little dingy little blog ever saw the light of the earth (and even if it came after the blog, people might still deny it due to the huge magnitude of difference between the power, authority and overall presence of the show and this blog), I can’t call this blog’s name as my original creation, nor can I say I named it after the term that was used in Lucky Star, for I had no idea of it until a couple of weeks ago. Then there is the whole issue of “is this really a big deal?”, because, really, Shiraishi only blurted out “Deretsun” once and it was quite quick… I have decided. From now on, I shall proclaim that this blog’s title was originally derived from the term, “Deretsun” originally used in Lucky Star – this makes this thing a lot easier to deal with, and Lucky Star ain’t such a bad show anyway. (I’ve officially joined the ranks of those anibloggers that derive their blog names from obscure references from obscure anime (which is like 85% of all aniblogs.))

I’m surprised this blog actually got consistent hits, albeit less than when I actually updated this thing, during my long absence. It means either I was getting a lot of new readers who were unaware of the deadness of the blog, or I have some really devoted readers who checked every day for my triumphant return. Either way, I’m somewhat flattered because I truly thought the hits would bomb once I left.


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