Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, tsundere?


It’s pretty hard to find topics to talk about when you’re way behind on current anime (Especially if you’ve lost enthusiasm in it. I’m looking at you Canaan… and also Haruhi, jeez, I’m one episode away from breaking out of Endless Eight, I guess the arc is so good that I refuse to put an end to it.(Let’s watch the first five episodes again so it NEVER ends!! jk jk). So I decided to write up another tsundere? article.

Let’s focus on one of the four tsundere wonders with this one; Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, arguably my favorite character and a character that I can never remember the full name of. There is no doubt her tsundere power levels are through the roof, but it is not clear how well she fares with the rest of the Kugi-four. The purpose of this article is to hopefully solve that mystery. Ohh, suspense, suspense!

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière from Zero no Tsukaima

Does she qualify as a tsunderekko? And if so, does she succeed as one?

Does she qualify as a tsunderekko? And if so, does she succeed as one?

Louise exhibits nearly all tendencies of a tsundere flawlessly starting from episode one of the anime, and for good reasons. She is a second year student at Tristain Academy and can’t seem to do anything right. The reason all of her peers call her “Louise the Zero” is because she has yet to accomplish anything regarding her magic work. All of the teasing and self-loathing leads her to become very bitter with the people surrounding her. To top it off, in a familiar summoning ceremony, the only familiar summoning ceremony, she accidentally summoned Saito, a teenager from another world. At first, Saito seemed to be nothing but a useless peasant to Louise, until she found a use for him: As the outlet of all of her abuse she needs to let loose after her failure at the ceremony and in life.

The way in which Louise treats Saito throughout the series is quite dynamic, in two different ways. At first, Saito was nothing but a dog to her, and her treatment of him went well with that notion. She revealed her naked body to him nonchalantly, made him clean underwear, etc. But after incidents regarding the Gandalfr, and having spent so much time with him, she begins to harbor feelings for him. She doesn’t downright admit it at first, even to herself, but it is evident though her jealous behavior and reactions whenever another character would come on to Saito (especially Siesta). It was when she realized that Saito might go back to his own world that she admitted her love for him (to herself…). During the end of the first season, when Saito chose to give up his opportunity to return in order to be with Louise, was when their relationship started… a relationship of ruthless abuse.

This brings me to the second reason why Saito and Louise’s relationship is so dynamic. The first reason is because of the 180 degree turn she exhibits in the long run, from Saito’s summoning up to the formation of their “second” contract after Louise first made use of her void magic. The second reason is because of the countless 180 degree turns she does thereafter. In season two and especially season three, Louise would often (as in over 20 times each episode) go from totally-love struck Louise to “I’ll blow your brains up” Louise in an instant. If Saito showed the least enthusiasm in other girls (such as talking to them), or even if he didn’t, as in, another girl came on to him, it was game over for Saito. Whether it would be a kick to the groin, a brutal whipping or an explosion in the face, he received that tsun side of her well. But her dere side balances out her murderous tsun side accordingly, even if it doesn’t show up as much, as shown in this scene.

Now that I think about it, Louise is a beast of a tsundere when it comes to the far ends of the tsundere spectrum. She is not as strong when it comes to the middle (transition) of that spectrum. With vicious and otherworldly abuse methods to back up her tsun-side, and equally strong proof of her dere-side (she would be willing to sacrifice her life for Saito – end of the second season), it is no wonder not many other characters can match her in what she does best. In fact, most tsundere characters all need some time of contemplation before they are deemed a true tsundere, this is not even necessary for a character like Louise.

Verdict: Tsundere

Tsundere effectiveness: 10 Urusais

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  1. Okay, first of all, if I’m posting on a post like this, then you know I’m going to say something about Rie Kugimiya. Most likely, I will talk about how every character that she does is awesome, and how I thought that Louise was pulled off perfectly. I might also then re-address the notion that every character voiced by Rie Kugimiya is awesome. Now for the actual comment:

    Every character that Rie Kugimiya does is awesome. I thought that Louise was voiced perfectly, and she is also one of my favorite characters (one of many). I would like to re-address the notion that Rie Kugimiya is flawless in her voice acting skills, and will also state that I hope there will be another season (everyone said that the last season was bad, but I refuse to accept that…..it was fine).

    • haha… your comment is filled with so much enthusiasm that I’m not sure if its sarcastic or not. If it isn’t, then yeah, I agree with you 90%, (third season was kinda horrible), if you were sarcastic, Kugi and Louise is still awesome, so not much is changed.

  2. Rie Kugimiya tsunderes are ALL THE SAME SHIT! And Im getting annoyed of all of them.

    • Too much of a good thing to handle?
      Seriously though. Yes, they are similar, especially between Louise and Taiga. Nagi is definitely different, and Shana’s got her own thing going. As for those four, I’m not really solid on any other tsundere character she voices.
      My point is… they are voiced by the same person… and they share the same character archetype, so its only natural they are the same. Whether one likes them or not is a matter of opinion.

  3. I usually find the tsundere archetype abrasive, especially when Rie Kugimiya is typecast as such. But I think of the four, Louise has probably the most believable stance in her tsundere-isms.

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