I was sitting in East Asian Literature class today (What class I was in is kinda irrelevant… actually, it’s kinda ironic) and randomly got a nosebleed.  Thankfully it was a relatively large class and I just stealthily slid out of my seat and took care of the problem. What actually caused the sudden discharge of blood surplus is a mystery. It’s not like I was looking at NSFW images or anything on my laptop, nor was the professor hot or anything (actually both statements are for the most part true. The professor is actually kinda hot and I was wasting time on my laptop browsing through anime related websites that had potentially NSFW material on them.) But one thing is for sure though… and that is that nosebleeds aren’t caused by arousal of any kind. According to my sources (by sources I mean the first couple of links on the first page of Google search, one of which was a Yahoo! Answers question.), the link between nosebleeds and arousal in Japanese anime and manga started with some old wives’ tale. It’s supposed to be a euphemism or an implication for ejaculation. Recently, female characters have begun showing the same tendency as their horny male counterparts, most notably fujoshi and lesbian characters (with Kanako from Maria Holic in the lead). What nosebleeds can imply for those female characters can only be stopped by your imagination.

This got me thinking, what if arousal actually did cause nosebleeds? Well, on one hand, it could cause a lot of unnecessary messes and complications, and on the other, it might not be so bad. Everyone would have to carry around those portable Kleenex packs. Considering how sick our minds are, we would probably all bleed to death by the end of the day. Putting that aside… let’s look at some of the lighter complications of nosebleeds. People would inadvertently bleed in front of someone they did not wish to see them do so, this would lead to the other person bleeding back or ignoring the bleed and the person all together from there on out. This would ultimately lead to human society taking a totally animalistic turn in its sexuality. Everyone would be completely open about their sexuality whether they like it or not. No beating around the bush, no religious sects suppressing any cardinal desires, no hiding our loli or furry fetishes. Everything would be out in the open and practicality would ensue, whether this is a good or bad thing would be up to whoever lived in such an alternative universe.

What was the point of this post you ask? Well, I haven’t updated my blog in ages, which is a shame, so what better way to give it some life than with a completely useless post about nosebleeds? (Anything?) Anyway, if I were to post anything again, it would probably be about Railgun, which is airing at the moment and Shakugan no Shana S, which I am patiently waiting for the second episode for.



  1. interesting theory. :)

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