International Saimoe League Preliminary Period — Day 4


The theme for today is random.  I haven’t been the most active on this blog, by most active I mean I haven’t touched this thing in a while.  Suddenly I get the urge to post about something… Pretty random if I say so myself (-__-).  But then, what am I posting about? ISML? Pretty goddamn random if you ask me.  I never really got into this thing.  But it has always catered to my interests to a certain extent, pertaining to moe and all.  Let me remind you however that my rendition of moe is very strict.  Most of the moe blobs today are a disgrace to my senses.  A cute voice, two gigantic eyes and a clumsy disposition is not enough to pass as true moe! …as most of the forum goers, bloggers and lolicons so strongly suggest.  Although my own definition of moe is by no means concrete in itself, actually I really can’t even define it… Let’s just say that to have moe, you must also have what it takes to be a good character.  I’m talking about depths, being dynamic, etc.  A good character doesn’t have to have moe, but a moe character must be a good character.  Then there is the argument of the fact that the whole moe phenomenon is based on the shallow appreciation of a character with inherently with no intelligent backing on it whatsoever… If that was the case, which it really is, I would be almost too embarrassed to say that I am a part of this whole phenomenon.  Thus, I have locked myself in my own world, rather, my own definition of moe in order to protect myself from this notion.

But back on topic.  ISML, yeah pretty random considering I’m voting in the preliminary round of day 4 and have not voted in the prior 3 days.  I have no idea how the contest is structured, when can you vote again, and when are they going to put out new characters… Maybe day 4 means it is merely the fourth day to vote and does not mean that I missed voting for other characters the other 3 days.  As you can see, I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Nevertheless, enjoy my selection of the girls in the ISML based on empirical evidence and unlimited intelligence and wisdom.

You voted:

ARENA 01: Yuno Felli Loss [Akiyama Mio]

ARENA 02: [Ichinose Kotomi] Kotegawa Yui Ryōgi Shiki

ARENA 03: Kawasumi Mai [Uiharu Kazari] Senō Natsuru

Most of these picks have to do with my limited familarity with the shows these characters are in.  This was the case for this arena.  Its unavoidable , that is, unless I actually watched them all, which is out of the question.  Due to this day in age, where shows rely nothing more than on moe to boost ratings, there is a correlation between the amount of moe character a show has and the degeneration of quality of a show.

ARENA 04: [Fujibayashi Ryō] Winry Rockbell Senjōgahara Hitagi

ARENA 05: Kotobuki Tsumugi Sawachika Eri [Louise Vallière]

ARENA 06: Kamio Misuzu [Sanzen’in Nagi] Sōryū Asuka Langley

Louise and Nagi are a no brainer.  As for that one chick in Clannad… I don’t know the other characters.

ARENA 07: [Abstained] Lambdadelta Kusakabe Misuzu Shiina Mafuyu

ARENA 08: [Maria] Hinaichigo Takei Hisa

ARENA 09: Kurata Sayuri Sangō Shizuku [Sonozaki Shion]

Abstained because I have no clue about these characters.  Maria <3<3<3<3 and Shion from Higurashi, cause I’ve seen 4 episodes of the show and Yukino Satsuki rocks my socks.

ARENA 10: [Abstained] Lisa Kirishima Akari Sakurano Kurimu

ARENA 11: [Abstained] Alice Niche Ryūgū Rena

ARENA 12: Bernkastel [Hiiragi Tsukasa] Shindō Chihiro

Tsukasa is very moe in my eyes, and also beats out the eye-patch girl in ef-tales of whatever and some other girl from something I’ve never heard of.  You know its only recently I’ve found out ef is pronounced ‘f’.

ARENA 13: [Nagi] Tsukimiya Ayu Suigintou

ARENA 14: Furukawa Nagisa [Chii] Tainaka Ritsu

ARENA 15: Yin [Saber] Ranka Lee

Nagi, Chii and Saber, clearly the best choices.  Anyone who doesn’t vote for them can…

eh, its no big deal, vote for your favorite characters!

ARENA 16: Yoko Littner Kirishima Kotone [Holo]

ARENA 17: Ikaros Daidōji Tomoyo [Kushieda Minori]

ARENA 18: Sōseiseki Konjiki no Yami [Tsuruya]

The fact that I’ve seen TTGL and not Horo’s show and still voted for Horo testify to the fact of how much hotness Horo emits and how much non-moe I consider Yoko.

ARENA 19: Mishima Akane Erurū [Sengoku Nadeko]

ARENA 20: Ibuki Fūko Miyamura Miyako [Suō Pavlichenko]

ARENA 21: [Abstained] Yagami Hayate Hirasawa Ui Enma Ai

This is where it gets abstract.  By that I mean, I’m just blindly voting at this point.

ARENA 22: [Shirayuki Mizore] Isayama Yomi Kuronuma Sawako

ARENA 23: Beatrice Chiba Kirino [Sunohara Mei]

ARENA 24: Amae Koromo Nymph [Nishizawa Ayumu]

Ayumu is one of the most moe characters that I know.  Despite her being overshadowed by all the other great characters in HnG, she is still probably the most moe.

ARENA 25: [Abstained] Sakurazaki Setsuna Hachikuji Mayoi Takamachi Nanoha

ARENA 26: [Izumi Konata] Yūki Mikan Ushiromiya Maria

ARENA 27: Mizuno Kaede [C.C.] Shihō Matsuri

I really don’t consider Konata moe, but I don’t know the other characters.  C.C. emits moe aura even though she is not a loli.  Her craving for pizza and behavior makes her very moe.



  1. Strange enough, I never look at CC and think she is moe. She has the look but she’s too smart and independent, imo. But then again, the definition of moe, as you said, is quite subjective :)

    • Yeah, I never said she was extruding moeness. She just felt the most moe out of the other three.

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