International Saimoe League Preliminary Period — Day 5


The theme for today is abstinence! The amount of the rounds in which I abstained was quite ridiculous.  It can’t be helped though, since I simply have not seen many shows in which these girls appear in.  Plus, it is against my principles to simply vote for a more well known character even though I have no feelings of moe or attraction to that character, effectively making it into a popularity contest for the shows that the girls appeared in.  Though, that is essentially what this is, at least 75% of it.  The more that I can deter that fact, the better.

You voted:

ARENA 01: [Abstained] Evangeline A.K. McDowell Ikeda Kana Shiina Minatsu

ARENA 02: Hanato Kobato Tsukamoto Yakumo [Kinomoto Sakura]

ARENA 03: [Saginomiya Isumi] Haibara Ai Oshino Shinobu

Isumi is funny as she is moe.  Her inability to tell north from south, her tendency to mark technology as broken when she doesn’t know how to use it, and her slow and relaxed speech pattern simultaneously adds to both her moe and comedic side, a great character.

ARENA 04: [Abstained]
Hanekawa Tsubasa Mizunashi Akari Suiseiseki

ARENA 05: Furude Rika Akashiya Moka [Nogizaka Haruka]

ARENA 06: Index Librorum Prohibitorum Hoshina Utau [Aizawa Sakuya]

I’ll admit I’m a little HnG biased.  And I have acknowledged Index’s moe level before, but Sakuya still beats her.  Especially after the “onii-chan” fiasco with Hayate and the Las Vegas arc.  Sakuya isn’t just moe, but she’s smoking hot as well.

ARENA 07: [Abstained] Alice Carroll Hinamori Amu Akaba Chizuru

ARENA 08: [Shirai Kuroko] Sawatari Makoto Kawashima Ami

ARENA 09: Kataoka Yūki Furude Hanyū [Segawa Izumi]

Ami is not moe, I don’t even know why she’s in this contest… Kuroko is moderately moe, her voice is disturbingly cute as it is annoying.  Izumi is right up there with Ayumu when it comes to moe.  Sigh, I discourage how this contest is going to be a popularity contest between shows as oppose to characters, and yet I look really HnG biased right now… It really isn’t my fault really, since HnG is one of the best things to exist………………… not biased at all (<_____<)

ARENA 10: [Abstained] Sheryl Nome Minami Kana Shinku

ARENA 11: Saten Ruiko [Teletha Testarossa] Miyanaga Saki

ARENA 12: Amamiya Yūko [Sonozaki Mion] Minase Nayuki

Tessa is win, captain of a submarine, voiced by Yukana, extruding in cuteness, there is really no other contender.  Mion, again, Yukino Satsuki is love.

ARENA 13: Misaka Shiori Ayanami Rei [Misaka Mikoto]

ARENA 14: Ushiromiya Ange [Katagiri Yūhi] Tōyoko Momoko

ARENA 15: Minami Chiaki Illyasviel von Einzbern [Isurugi Noe]

Mikoto wins by default, Yuuhi because of Kugi, which made her character half worthwhile, by the way, her show is one of the worst things I’ve had deal with in my life (-_-;), and Noe because she deserves retribution after getting shafted in her show, oh, and she’s moe… and her name rhymes with moe.

ARENA 16: [Akiyama Mio] Ichinose Kotomi Uiharu Kazari

ARENA 17: [Abstained] Ryōgi Shiki Kawasumi Mai Felli Loss

ARENA 18: [Abstained] Senō Natsuru Yuno Kotegawa Yui

Mio, mio, mio.  She’s just really hot, even though I honestly don’t want anything to do with her show anymore.

ARENA 19: Senjōgahara Hitagi Kotobuki Tsumugi [Sanzen’in Nagi]

ARENA 20: [Louise Vallière] Kamio Misuzu Winry Rockbell

ARENA 21: Sōryū Asuka Langley [Fujibayashi Ryō] Sawachika Eri

Nagi and Louise… the only reason I would not vote for one or them would be because they are in the same round… Who I would vote for in that situation is still a mystery.  In the past, I would have probably voted for Louise, but Nagi has grown on me these past few weeks.

ARENA 22: Shiina Mafuyu [Maria] Sangō Shizuku

ARENA 23: [Abstained] Takei Hisa Kurata Sayuri Kusakabe Misuzu

ARENA 24: [Sonozaki Shion] Lambdadelta Hinaichigo

Similar to Nagi and Louise, Maria will be getting my vote every time, unless she is faced with major contenders like… Nagi and Louise.  Sadly, if that situation were ever to come up, she would probably lose.  I consider her more hot than moe.

ARENA 25: Sakurano Kurimu Alice [Hiiragi Tsukasa]

ARENA 26: [Abstained] Ryūgū Rena Bernkastel Kirishima Akari

ARENA 27: [Abstained] Shindō Chihiro Lisa Niche

Tsukasa is moe.

ARENA 28: Suigintou Furukawa Nagisa [Saber]

ARENA 29: Tainaka Ritsu [Yin] Tsukimiya Ayu

ARENA 30: Ranka Lee [Nagi] Chii

I’m tired of typing for the day…


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