ISML Regular Season Seeding, Round 1


I’m so glad the preliminary rounds are over.  There were just too many characters to write about, and too many characters I did not care for.  Now the contest is much more focused and we can concentrate on the meat of it all.

ARENA 01: [Katsura Hinagiku] Tōsaka Rin Asahina Mikuru Sakurano Kurimu Izumi Konata [Misaka Mikoto]

Hina and Mikoto reside on the top portion of my favorite characters list, and for good reasons.  They are similar in that they are both tsunderes, and badass when they need to be.  Hina’s got her kendo, and Mikoto’s got her 10,000 volts of electricity shooting out of her forehead…

ARENA 02: [Shana ] [Suzumiya Haruhi] Hirasawa Yui Shiina Mafuyu Holo Saten Ruiko

Even higher up in the character esteem list goes to these two characters.  Similar to Hina and Mikoto, both are tsundere.  Though Haruhi is a very controversial one at that (I’ll probably analyze her in a tsundere? article in the future), Shana makes up for her for being probably the biggest tsundere I know.

ARENA 03: Sakagami Tomoyo [Hiiragi Kagami] Fukuji Mihoko [Sanzen’in Nagi] Sengoku Nadeko Kawashima Ami

I see a trend here… tsundere, tsundere, tsundere.  Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the name of this blog… What can I say, tsundere is the epitome of moe.

ARENA 04: [Nagato Yuki] [Aisaka Taiga] Haramura Nodoka Akiyama Mio Sunohara Mei Furude Rika

Hmm… first non-tsundere so far.  Yuki is cool though, and comes from an awesome show.  Though I don’t consider her as moe as most of her fans deem her to be, her vote was more to deter the effects of the votes for the other characters.  Most of which I detest.  Mio and Mei bug the hell out of me, and are quite popular (despite my comments earlier about Mio being hot).

ARENA 05: [Fujibayashi Kyō] Fate Testarossa Nakano Azusa Okazaki Ushio [Saber] Shiina Minatsu

And I end this with another round of tsundere.  Saber is apparently tsundere.  Only saw the show, and never played the game.  In the show, Saber was probably the only character I liked, though she wasn’t much of a tsundere in the adaptation.


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