About sunshinesan

I don't really have red hair.

MAL profile

Gender: Male

BDay: 10-3-89

Hobbies: Anime, manga, video games, otaku propensities, playing the piano, playing go, cycling, swimming, being extremely awesome.

Talents: Drawing, film making, programming and designing games.

Pet Peeves: Tangled wires, religious zealots, popular music, polluters.

sunshinesan had his first anime experience during his time in Japan.  Between 1995 and 1998, sunshinesan attended elementary school in Sendai, Japan, during which he fell in love with the Japanese culture (and got exposed to anime, even if he didn’t exactly call it a obsession), albiet he still a shota.  Fast-forward to around 2006, sunshinesan had been living in the U.S. for a while and had since accustomed to its customs.  A friend of his re-introduced him to anime with Death Note, and ever since then, an obsession of monstrous proportion has been released.

sunshinesan loves to draw anime and manga related material, ever since he has fallen in love with the style.  In fact, he is so intrigue with the style that he has become quite fond of 2D women, an attribute profound in much of the male otaku demographic.  However strange, and maybe even detrimental the effects may be, his inclination toward 2D is healthily satisfied by an endless stream of doujinshi, eroge, and hentai ovas.

To learn more about the anime series sunshinesan really enjoys, clicky >_<


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