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Jump ship!… on to a new ship.


I think I’m finally pronouncing this blog dead, officially that is.  In the meantime, I happened to create a new blog, hey, what a coincidence!  Please follow this link to the appropriate site.


Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse


Some genius made this awesome RPG based on my favorite series of all time, Hayate no Gotoku!

You guys should definitely check it out.  It’s about time someone made a game based on this manga, oh wait…

Also, since naming this game, I’ve acquired the ability to spell apocalypse correctly without the aid of spellcheck, yaya!

For those of you who enjoy writing style and antics, I’ll be happy to fill you in on my status with anime in general.  I have not touched anime in like a month in a half.  Slow internet mixed with my anime watching habits (watching in spurts) are the culprits.  The latter of the two is especially detrimental for me as an aniblogger because, well, up-to-date shows don’t allow for no spurt watching that’s for sure.  This is a real shame because for the short time (relatively speaking to the big dogs.  Seriously, there are aniblogs that live for less than a week before disintegrating into a pile of cyber goo.) that I’ve been aniblogging, I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  The community wasn’t half bad either.  Talking about anime (a real passion of mine) with other people proved to be a lot of fun, albeit taxing.

I’ve realized that the most important thing about aniblogging is forming a habit.  I don’t think about brushing my teeth or taking showers.  If I somehow had just discovered those two “activities” randomly today, I’d be hard pressed to continue.  Seriously, that shit, when combined, takes up relatively the same time as blogging one entry on a blog.  It is only because I formed habits of doing so (and because I don’t want to smell like a pile of gorrila poo/be ridiculed by society) that I continue.  The same with blogging.  It all depends on habit.  For if a habit is formed, it will seem virtually effortless, wheras on the other hand, it can be a real pain, despite it’s pleasures.

Here’s to me hopefully picking back up my anime momentum again and start writing, because I’m really looking forward to it ;)


Popular Blogger Returns after Inconvenient Hiatus


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Regarding my absence and the month to come


delicous picture has only 0.01% relevance to this post.

delicous picture has only 0.01% relevance to this post.

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New Blog Banner!


Finally, Deretsun is graced with a real blog banner.  The previous two banners were created by yours truly, and they sucked royal eggs.  I’m still learning this photoshop business (a newer version of photoshop might help…), but who has time to wait? I am deeply greatful of Roxkis, the maker of this new banner.  Disappointed by the incompatibility of a shoddy banner and a quality blog (I flatter myself), Roxkis took it upon himself to make a brand new one for me.

Thanks again Roxkis!