sunshinesan’s Top Manga

1. Hayate no Gotoku! (Favorite Character: Nagi, yeah, yeah, different from the anime, no typos to be found here…)

Nothing compares to Hayate no Gotoku! when it comes to anime or manga.  Nothing even comes close.  The amount of characters, the amount of likable characters in this show is absurd.  Everyone has something to contribute to the story and comedy.  I like the manga for different reasons than I like the anime.  In fact, the anime is 70% original story lines anyway (if you don’t count season 2).  Basically what I’m trying to say is, Hata is a genius and I thank him for bringing me such a wonderful and hilarious story.

2. Vinland Saga (Askeladd)

An epic tale about vikings and the power struggles that took place in 11th century Europe.  For those that aren’t in to this kind of stuff, read it anyway.  No matter what genre you enjoy, the moment you lay eyes on this story, it is infinitely hard to deny its pure quality.  Vinland Saga was the first original manga I read, meaning, before it, I’ve read nothing but manga that were already adapted into anime, and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  If my top anime list were to merge with my top manga list, this would trump many of my top anime without question.

3. Berserk (Guts)

The Golden Age arc of this manga was what did it for me.  If this manga ended with that arc, it would probably be my favorite manga right now.  Now, with 300+ chapters and still on-going, Berserk is looking a little stale at the moment.  But no one can still deny that it is still one of the best manga ever written.  One thing to take note of is that if we were to judge manga by art quality alone, Berserk would definitely be number one.  Hell, it would be in its own tier, 10 tiers up before anything else ever even came to view…

4. Death Note (L Lawliet)

Death Note is an amazing anime, its even better in manga form.  Where the anime failed, the manga compensates.  If you are an anime/manga fan, it is hard not to have heard of this series, and for good reasons.  Basically, if you’ve been disappointed by the latter half of the show, read the manga.  And if you’ve neither watched the show or read the manga, read the manga.  Read it.  I can’t stress it enough.

5. Genshiken (Ogiue Chika)

I love genshiken.  It is very relevant, very funny, and very true.  There are two things about this manga that I cannot get enough of: The characters, and the setting.  They both combine to form an entity that hits a little too close to home, for all the right reasons.


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