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ISML Regular Season Seeding, Round 1


I’m so glad the preliminary rounds are over.  There were just too many characters to write about, and too many characters I did not care for.  Now the contest is much more focused and we can concentrate on the meat of it all.

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International Saimoe League Preliminary Period — Day 5


The theme for today is abstinence! The amount of the rounds in which I abstained was quite ridiculous.  It can’t be helped though, since I simply have not seen many shows in which these girls appear in.  Plus, it is against my principles to simply vote for a more well known character even though I have no feelings of moe or attraction to that character, effectively making it into a popularity contest for the shows that the girls appeared in.  Though, that is essentially what this is, at least 75% of it.  The more that I can deter that fact, the better. Read the rest of this entry ?