About Deretsun

Thanks for visiting Deretsun, an aniblog named after the term coined by Shiraishi Minoru from Lucky Star.  The word is derived from the Japanese portmanteau, “tsundere”, only backwards.  “tsundere” is the combination of the words “tsun tsun”, which means sharp, blunt, or curt and “dere dere”, which means love struck.  The thing was, I named this blog prior to watching Lucky Star, thinking that I was all original.  But to my dismay, Shiraishi had the upper hand on me.  I guess that makes this aniblog like any of the other countless ones that are named after obscure anime references, oh well…

I will be blogging mostly about anime and the otaku culture, so if you’re interested, stick around and enjoy your stay. To learn more about the writer, clicky ^_^

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Splash featuring Tenori Taiga
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  1. Hi, I really dig your blog, I enjoy your writing style ^_~, keep up the good work.

    I’ve uploaded over 550 anime and manga quotes to an archive online divided by seperate categories, I think your readers might find it interesting, if you’d like to include it in your blog via an entry about great moments from anime and manga or simply to add it to your links/blogroll section, I would be very honored.


    • Interesting website. I’ll put you under my Links section. Also thx for the compliment. ^_^

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