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Growing out of Otaku


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The perplexity of learning a new language



I’ve spoken German, Chinese, Japanese, and English fluently in my life.  Notice I wrote “spoken” because I’ve forgotten about half of them.  I also don’t remember about learning them at all.  The languages just came to me, and before I knew it, I started to speak them effortlessly as if they were my native language.  All of this occurred before my 11th birthday.

Foreign languages, from what I can tell, is one of the hardest subjects to grasp.  Many high school students take four or more years of a foreign language and end up not knowing beyond saying “hello” and stating their names in the language they wasted so many years of their precious time learning.  Of course, Read the rest of this entry ?


Anime conundrum


A large amount of anime series are stemmed from manga, light novels or some other original source.  For me, anime is the best medium for enjoying a series.  It has music, voice acting and animation (who would have thought…), features that I find very necessary in bringing a story fully to life and that are absent from the other forms of medium subsequently mentioned.  However, anime often have a glaring weakness that often bothers me – Read the rest of this entry ?


My Balls

No, not my balls, My Balls or Ore Tama the manga.

No, not my balls, My Balls or Ore Tama the manga.

One of the more hilarious mangas I’ve read in a while (who am I kidding, I’m not much of a manga reader in the first place).  For a person who isn’t as accustomed to the manga reading world just yet, I’d say I picked the right choice when I arbitrarily decided to pick up a series (one that is not associated with an anime adaptation that is already out that is).  The plot is absolutely ridiculous and rivals Read the rest of this entry ?